Dead On Our Feet

by Acidic Tree

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Spencer LaBute
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Spencer LaBute Party riffs meet emo goodness from 4 of my favorite local homies / weirdmen.

So good. Check them out live, too. Favorite track: Coyote City.
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released July 17, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris French. Recorded on May 13th, 2012 in Rockford, IL. Released on cassette by Paper Ghost Cassettes and SSF Tapes on July 17th, 2012. Released on a 7" by Turn of the Century Records on January 1st, 2013. The track "Yellow Leaf" is exclusive to the cassette releases. Artwork by Emilie Karl (



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Acidic Tree Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Choice
The price of freedom left behind a list of war debts
Board of trade, triads, born of tyrants and liars, thieves and corporate buyouts
Nothing has been gained; the water is still rising

And it's no big thing, when the landlord comes crying to your doorstep.
Man on fire inside his daughter's car
Is this what we've been waiting for?
Some sort of misguided direction

So you've made a dent, but it's not part of the solution
You shoud of known, yeah, you should of known
So raise a glass, to the cultures you've displaced
You should of known, yeah, you should of known

What about the war? What about the ones you chose not to talk about?

Celebrations in the street, three cheers for imperialism
The death of a figurehead doesn't fucking mean anything when you've spilled so much blood
The human tribulation never left the hospital bed.

We'll tear it up again
We'll rebuild again
We'll tear it down again
We'll rebuild again
Track Name: Yellow Leaf
Writing novels of what is to come, light another candle at the funeral home. Getting older we see all the darkness come to life, all the faces from childhood are washed away. Reading obituaries, riding my bike past the cemetery.

There's less of us here than before

And I remember wishing you all were dead, but now I look back and lower my voice. DUI's and caring eyes, of those just trying to fight the tears. Societal pressures becoming too much to bear.

We try to poison our roots, and rip them from the ground.

Our parent's hopes are behind bars in the county jail. Our parent's blood has left our bodies so fucking dry.
Track Name: This Is Not A Death Sentence
Youthful resistance not to be put down by a physical condition
Predetermined to suffer in a country that doesn't care

Life changing accidents, an auto-immune disease the cancer spreads
Hands held high above our heads
This won't be the end

These things may be terminal
This is not a death sentence

You can play that game, but no one really deserves it
Hands tied behind my back
There's still determination in these eyes

Beaten down black and blue
And I can't sleep
You can't condemn the soul
I'm scared to death
It takes a special kind
And I can't sleep
To change a life
Track Name: Coyote City
When your lives turn out to nothing, wallowing in the faith of your own
We'll break this succession, this line of stagnance
There will be the day, time will be irrelevant
The blood in these veins, the light in the corner of your eye.

It won't be long
It won't belong

The summer has passed and we are dead on our feet
Is this the worst things can really be?
In a quiet place, it still rings louder than you could ever scream

This climate is one I refuse to take part in
Is this the worst that you could ever be?
Track Name: Shark Teeth
And I'm caught in this tourist trap
And this time it isn't a state of mind
It has my legs mangled and my spirit put down
Cold sweat in a bed that isn't my own

Natural beauty bought and sold for those that can afford it
My wallet's empty, my heart is empty
I've got the privilege of being put down
A family not wanting to lose sight of their little boy
I'm not swimming with these sharks anymore
In airport terminals

So separate my legs from my body
And let me float out into the Atlantic
Well I'll decompose at the bottom
But at least new lungs will breath new life