Forever Boneless Demos

by Acidic Tree

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Demos for the upcoming full length "Forever Boneless"

Photo by Kasey Chaos


released February 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Acidic Tree Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: I Know Because You Told Me (demo)
you said there'd never be secrets
you said that you would never leave
i said i'd never want you to
i'd always want you here with me
but that was the last fucking 3 years
i had to watch it fall apart//

there's nothing left for us//
Track Name: White Houses (To Make a Killing)
Issues becoming "issues" when a paycheck is involved
Red and blue morph from grey
Old money, and a little know how
What'll save us now?

(of a future that's not in our hands)
(of what will become of this)
The sound of a club connecting to a skull
Pen to a ballot, an eye to a television set

All you have is fear; We are just starting to wake up.
Track Name: I Screamed It & Now I'm Coughing Up Blood
All of these social constructs; juxtapostioned against one another.
You can't cut these contradictions; our courage just left to die.

Left for a dead end argument
Generations pass
But the past just keeps on repeating itself

Where would we all be, without a dark history

Oh the feeling, of seeing land, that hasn't been conquered.

We are here; we are now; we are breathing this air.

A fighting chance is all we need//