by Acidic Tree

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released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Acidic Tree Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: This is Not a Death Sentence (Acoustic demo)
Youthful resistance not to be put down by a physical condition
Predetermined to suffer in a country that doesn't care

Life changing accidents, an auto-immune disease the cancer spreads
Hands held high above our heads
This won't be the end

These things may be terminal
This is not a death sentence

You can play that game, but no one really deserves it
Hands tied behind my back
There's still determination in these eyes

Beaten down black and blue
And I can't sleep
You can't condemn the soul
I'm scared to death
It takes a special kind
And I can't sleep
To change a life
Track Name: Shark Teeth (Acoustic demo)
And I'm caught in this tourist trap
And this time it isn't a state of mind
It has my legs mangled and my spirit put down
Cold sweat in a bed that isn't my own

Natural beauty bought and sold for those that can afford it
My wallet's empty, my heart is empty
I've got the privilege of being put down
A family not wanting to lose sight of their little boy
I'm not swimming with these sharks anymore
In airport terminals

So separate my legs from my body
And let me float out into the Atlantic
Well I'll decompose at the bottom
But at least new lungs will breath new life